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Cyberpunk is not dead. No sub-genre, however niche, ever truly leaves us. With the growing awareness of the genre leading up to and following the release of media like Cyberpunk 2077, there are many good reasons to be critical of and even cynical towards cyberpunk. However, it is an aesthetic and genre framework that I am very fond of and I am unwilling to let it go.

In this manifesto I outline some of my own criticisms of cyberpunk and provide what I think are some useful, albeit political, tenets with which the sci-fi sub genre could be revitalized.

CW: Discussion of media portrayals of sexual assault, systemic and interpersonal violence, racism, etc

Written in one day on an empty stomach and four hours of sleep for Manifestio Jam 2022. There are likely several typos and other inconsistencies throughout. There's also a lot I would have expanded on if I had had the time/wasn't running on fumes. Please be gentle.

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This person knows what they are talking about. Buy the book and support them if you have the money. You wont learn anything new (unless this is your first brush with anarchism) but the points are well written and give food for thought.

thank you for your kind words!! :) 

My tired ass credited Possessor to David Cronenberg when I wrote this. His son Brandon directed Possessor. This one mistake invalidates the entire document lol

(I'll fix it in a future draft)