Try and dance to the beat!

Or don't! It doesn't matter.

Made using Bitsy Color + by AurySystem.

Bitsy created by Adam Le Doux.

Music by me (and yeah, I know it's embedded on my main page, but I like Ode to Rumham a lot. I think it came out pretty well. I don't like all the music I make and this one is a bop, actually. If you don't like it you can mute the game and play your own music I guess. I mean, the rhythm component of this game really is non-existent. It doesn't matter what song you have playing for it. You CAN lose this game though. Spoilers: When you get to the final screen, if you're still hitting red notes, you'll get boo'd off the stage.  Anyway, enjoy.)

This page designed intentionally to make your eyes bleed.

hello to the folks who found their way here from the interactive fiction forums

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I love the look of the audience and that the guy's dance changes on every screen. Might be fun to see a score at the end? I know there is a print variable function. 

Also, "This page designed intentionally to make your eyes bleed", made me laugh so hard. 

A score at the end is a really good idea! I hadn’t thought of that at all and now I wish I had. To be honest though I’m still learning bitsy and haven’t even attempted variables or item menu functionality yet. I’ll have to pull up some tutorials soon. 

Thanks for playing :)